How High A Fever Is Dangerous?

One of the first things that many doctors check when you fall ill is your fever. If it is high, they will do further checkups just to ensure that you do not suffer from certain diseases. Fever is actually a situation where one has more than normal temperatures, and is experienced when the body is trying to fight certain conditions. Bacteria and other viruses cause our immune system to start on the defense mechanisms. It is during this process that fever will be experienced. It could rise to alarming levels if the ailment is very serious.

People do not think of fever as a big problem- unless other symptoms present themselves. Some may not take their loved ones to the hospital when they think that fever condition is a minor thing and that it will go with them. Over the counter medication is bought and the patient is expected to heal. In fortunate cases, this actually works. However, there are some cases when fever is very dangerous. Here are the insights into the whole topic:

The Normal Temperatures


There are certain temperatures that are known to be normal. Normal temperatures are estimated at 36.1 to 37.2 C0. This varies and could even be a little higher depending on the time of the day and the house temperatures. During women’ menstrual cycle, the temperature may change. Most times it will rise.
Fever that rises to levels above 40.1C0 should alarm you to visit a doctor immediately. Such high fever will come with other symptoms. Fever that goes beyond 42C0 could be caused by trauma and may destroy your brain’s function. Seizures may also be experienced when a body gets a sudden increase rise of temperatures.

Since fever is an indication that you have other conditions in your body, you will become even more sick and the problems many cost you a lot of money and even your life. You cannot ignore high fever because your life will be at stake at such times.

Fever that goes beyond three day should be addressed by the doctor. Even if the fever does not seem very high, there is chance that there are infections that can only be treated by certain antibiotics. This actually means that your immune system is unable to fight a certain infection. Waiting further may also mean that the fever rises to alarming extents.

Fever in Children

High fever is especially dangerous when it comes to children. Since the children will now be able to point at other symptoms as a human being would, any sort of fever should be addressed by visiting a doctor. The fever does not even have to be high for you to take your child to the doctor.

Fever that is above 38.3C in a child should be taken to the doctor. You may lose your child if you wait longer or if you try to go for the home remedies. Sometimes, this fever could be caused by meningitis or another serious condition. However, first aid can be offered to the child before seeing the doctor. There are some over the counter medication that could be of help in this regard.

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