Can You Use Accumulated Sick Time As Extra Vacation?

Accumulated sick time is offered to you if you have an injury that is prolonged. It is offered to you because of your inability to perform certain duties even after sick time. The injury or ailment must have been so serious that you are given a prolonged time. The time offered to you will actually depend on your employer’s policy and the seriousness of the issue at hand. It could a few weeks and sometimes months.

The question that many people ask is whether they could use their accumulated sick leave as their extra vacation. The answer to this question is not straightforward. It actually depends on the organization’s policy. Take for example a pregnancy letter from a doctor. This letter proves that a certain female worker will not be able to work for a long time. This is too risky for an employer’s viewpoint, especially when the individual is not an asset of the company. They will surely investigate this matter and o whatever they could to limit the benefit they will give to her.

If your organization can offer you such privileges, then you can change your accumulated sick time as a vacation time. Some organizations will actually count it as a vacation time when you have prolonged sick times and you will be paid accordingly. Therefore, as you care for the loved one or get medical attention, the organization will offer you a note indicating that they are considering your time off as a vacation. This only means that you cannot request for the vacation once you return back to the organization.

The Advantages


Turning the accumulated sick time as a vacation means that you could even take longer on your vacation; depending on the time offered to you as vacation time by the company. This could be done through a formal request to the concerned departments. You can use this time to heal and at the same time rejuvenate. Chance is, you will return back to work a better employee and will be able more productive that you have been in the past time.

You are only supposed to accumulate the sick days during working periods. This means that you must not count holidays and your off days. The only problem comes when your employer fails to pay for the accumulated days. This means that every time you have spent on outside the company will be counted as a loss to you, and you will be better off at work than on the vacation. Note that many organizations would only do such if the contribution of an employee in an organization is not as important as it is the case for other people.


You must not use the accumulated sick time as vacation time if the organization will still set aside time for your vacation. You can use the accumulated time to relax and rejuvenate and still go for a vacation at a different time of the year. Some employers are lenient enough to consider some of these things and would want their employees to take as much rest as possible. You can check out how the notes from can help you maximize a vacation leave.

Do Your Homework Well

It is important to understand the company’s policy on accumulated sick time and vacations before making any decision. Find out the expectations of your employers and request for some of these things even before you make any decision. At the end of the day, you still need your job and you should be able to abide by the rules of an organization. After counting the measures, you can then plan for your vacation. To do this successfully, get a printable doctor’s note and use it as your ticket of getting paid sick leaves. Try going to for more informations about making fake notes.

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