Freeze Fat

The ice packs have been used for decades to treat inflammation and swelling in injuries especially in sports-related injuries. Now you can use an ice/gel pack to freeze fat as a way of shedding all the excess fat and get the sleek look of your dreams. It does look good and kindles a hope of losing inches where it matters. The question that comes to mind is how it works?

The two fat types

The human body contains two types of fat cells that are distinguished by their color. The white ones constitute a major part of fat tissues in the body. On the other hand, the brown ones are responsible for maintaining the body temperature through heat generated by utilizing the calories.

How does applying an ice pack helps in burning fat?

The white adipose/fat tissues abundant in areas like the abdomen turn into brown fats when they are exposed to cold temperatures. The rate of brown tissues being used increases the colder it gets since it works overtime to maintain the body temperature. Thereby, reducing the fat cells in the vicinity. These results are affirmed by a number of different studies. (You can learn more here:

The benefits

The benefits of using ice/packs to freeze fat are as follows

  • Specific areas can be targeted and relieved of excess fat
  • It helps in strengthening the skin, thus helps in firming up the drooping skin
  • Allow you to effectively lose inches in problem areas like thighs and abdomen.
  • It helps in the detoxification of the body


The ice/gel therapy for freezing fat is carried out medically as well and is known as Cryolipolysis. The therapy in addition to a balanced diet and proper exercising can enhance the rate of fat burn to 300%. The only thing one needs to take care off is the frostbite by avoiding constant use of ice/gel packs to freeze fat.

Asthma cure

Asthma, is widely known as not lethal but if not taken care of would cause death. One of its effects is shortness of breath. If a person has an asthma attack in an unfortunate place where medical teams could not reach in time the patient may die. Rather than allowing this learn the basic food cures for this illness.

Take Your Own Notes at a Doctors Appointment

A doctors note is a document that indicates that an individual is sick and requires being away from work or school as they heal. It also exempts one from performing certain tasks. For instance, a worker can be exempted from handling hard tasks such as lifting heavy object at work. This note is mandatory in many workplaces and school. Failure to submit it could have tough consequences such as loss of jobs or suspension from school.

How do you get doctors notes? Some people have gone through the short cut and gotten the note through the online sources. In this case, they would only need to visit a certain site and print the note. Of course, this would only take a very short time one does not necessarily require being sick to get the note. One will have avoided paying the heavy cost of doctor consultation and at the same time abiding by the rules of an organization or school. You can discover more on doctor’s notes here.


However, the best way of getting a doctors note is to make an actually visit a doctor, get the test done and hence get the authentic note. Many employers already know that workers are cheating and submitting notes that are printed online. Therefore, they may very keen on ensuring that the note submitted actually comes from a known doctor and that indeed a worker has visited them. It is for this reason that every worker is advised to do an actual visit to the doctor.

But for some reason that you weren’t able to see your doctor and insists to use a fake medical note, there are some important tips you must consider. Tips on how to make your note convincing can be found at

The Disadvantages

The flip side of visiting a doctor for a note is that you will have to pay a lot of money just for the consultations, not to mention the test that will be conducted and the medication that will be prescribed. However, it is worth it in the final end. You will have found a solution to your medical condition and you will be on the good side of your employer or schools’ administration.

The process of taking a note from the doctor is not as complicated as many people would think. One would require visiting a reputable doctor and letting them know about their illness. Some would even be ready to write these notes even when one is not sick.

Details of a Doctors Note

A doctor’s note should contain some specific details including:

  • The doctor’s name
  • The location of the doctor- their physical address
  • Your illness in brief
  • Your doctors contacts
  • The exemptions-this is inclusive of the duties that you are not required to perform while working or while in school
  • Any other thing that the doctor may deem necessary

Important Points to Note

You must not write too much on the note since your employers requires only some details in brief. For instance, your sickness details should not be many and details so as to abide by the medical ethics. Your note should be brief but convincing. On the other hand, some details should be left out. You should be exempted from some duties lest it interferes with your healing process.

get a note from physicians
doctors’ notes are effective to use

What Professions Let You Take A Sabbatical?

Probably you have been working endlessly. You are always glued to your computer or in the machines trying to make ends meet. At some point your body will be exhausted. You will be unable to function as you ought. You will need a sabbatical at that particular time.

The term sabbatical is derived from the word Sabbath of the bible. Sabbath is a day of rest. It is a day when people rest and cease from doing anything that is work related. This rejuvenates the body and makes one feel better and ready to go back to their work. Many Christians will take their Sabbath day on Sundays while a few do it on a Saturday. The creator also rested and requires that people take a rest. Nobody has the ability to work endlessly, even the creator Himself.

Who Can Allow You To Go On A Sabbatical?

The professionals who let you take a sabbatical are mainly the lenient ones who have studied and understood the value of this period. They are managers, the CEO, or even junior managers. The professionals will have observed certain things and will therefore request you to go for the sabbatical. Church members, big corporations and organizations are at the forefront in offering this kind of love.


To take a sabbatical from work will only help you to become a better employer. Many people think that it is a waste of time. This misconception is what makes people keep working for a long time, even when they know that they need to rest. In particular, people in the management position, there is chance that they will want to keep working and see to it that their company works perfectly. They may even work during the weekends and extend their days just to see to it that targets are met.

A sabbatical can be as long as the one 6 months, depending on an organization’s policy. Some of the organization can offer one or two weeks to their employees. You may request for a sabbatical, or may be requested by the company to go for the sabbatical. During that time, there is no chance of you being asked to do any sort of work related thing because the company needs to rest.

Why You Need a Sabbatical

You will need a sabbatical if:

  • You have been less productive at work
  • Your employers are complaining of poor performance in the work place
  • If you have no drive to go to work on a daily basis. Such people are the last to report to work and first to leave the work place.
  • You have developed health complications such as back problems or sight issues.
  • You have worked for a very long time without requesting for any leave
  • Your social life has been completely affected because of your work
  • You have feelings of leaving the job you once valued. You are given time to think whether you are actually supposed to leave work and reflect on your life’s goals and objectives.
  • You need to do certain things outside your work and hence require time to address them. This could be taking certain courses to enhance your performance at work.

If you fall into any of the categories above, you need to request for a sabbatical. If you have a reasonable employer, they will give enough time for the sabbatical. Unfortunately, some will interpret it as a lack of drive towards work and may even replace you while you are on your sabbatical.

Why Do ENT Doctors Handle Ears, Nose And Throats Instead Of Just One?

Ear nose throat doctors are simply known as ENT doctors. They treat illnesses that involve the three organs of the body. The doctors do not specialize in only ears, or nose or throat. Rather, they will treat all the three organs for various reasons. These include the following:

  • Many diseases affect the nose, ears, throat, rather than just one organ

Once your ears are affected, there is a probability that all the other organs are affected. This is because the organs are biologically related in their function. In short, for all these organs are related in function, they will be related when it comes to illnesses. A doctor will therefore have studied how to treat all the three organs and not just one of them.

  • Just to be sure

When an ear nose throat doctor treats your ears, they also want to ensure that your ears and throat are fine. This is because the infection could have been resultant from other organs and not just the ears only. If the doctor leaves it in the ears, you may be affected in the other organs two organs in the future, which may be a grievous situation.

  • They are not as specialized as some doctors are

In most cases, when people visit a doctor for an ENT problem, they will first see a primary care physician. This is the reason why the physician will check all the three organs because of their level of training. However, there are some doctors who are specialized to train one of the organs. This requires spending more time in the medical institutions. Such specialists are rare, but can be found. The primary care physician will refer you to one of these specialists just in case they realize that they have problems that are beyond them.

Aliments Treated By an ENT

An ear nose throat doctor is also known as otolaryngologists. They could also treat conditions related to the head and neck. They treat a variety of conditions including:

  • Allergies
  • Hearing
  • Dizziness
  • Swallowing problems
  • Cold
  • Sore throat
  • Sinus
  • Voice disorders

Tumors and cancers affecting any of the regions that they specialize in

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

You should see an ENT doctor if you realize that you have problems that seem to be persistent despite the first aid that you get from home. If you feel dizzy and have issues hearing for a long time for over two weeks, it is important that you see an ENT. You must find a qualified doctor so that they can check all the three organs and offer worthwhile remedies.

Specialized Training

If you require specialized care for a certain organ, you may request for a subspecialty doctor such as pediatric Otolaryngology, Rhinology, Otology and head and neck surgery doctors. Such doctors will easily be referred by a primary care ENT physician. Such doctors are likely to give you better services, especially if you have chronic diseases that require special training. However, a primary care, ENT doctor will be able to treat most of the minor conditions that patients suffer from.

How High A Fever Is Dangerous?

One of the first things that many doctors check when you fall ill is your fever. If it is high, they will do further checkups just to ensure that you do not suffer from certain diseases. Fever is actually a situation where one has more than normal temperatures, and is experienced when the body is trying to fight certain conditions. Bacteria and other viruses cause our immune system to start on the defense mechanisms. It is during this process that fever will be experienced. It could rise to alarming levels if the ailment is very serious.

People do not think of fever as a big problem- unless other symptoms present themselves. Some may not take their loved ones to the hospital when they think that fever condition is a minor thing and that it will go with them. Over the counter medication is bought and the patient is expected to heal. In fortunate cases, this actually works. However, there are some cases when fever is very dangerous. Here are the insights into the whole topic:

The Normal Temperatures


There are certain temperatures that are known to be normal. Normal temperatures are estimated at 36.1 to 37.2 C0. This varies and could even be a little higher depending on the time of the day and the house temperatures. During women’ menstrual cycle, the temperature may change. Most times it will rise.
Fever that rises to levels above 40.1C0 should alarm you to visit a doctor immediately. Such high fever will come with other symptoms. Fever that goes beyond 42C0 could be caused by trauma and may destroy your brain’s function. Seizures may also be experienced when a body gets a sudden increase rise of temperatures.

Since fever is an indication that you have other conditions in your body, you will become even more sick and the problems many cost you a lot of money and even your life. You cannot ignore high fever because your life will be at stake at such times.

Fever that goes beyond three day should be addressed by the doctor. Even if the fever does not seem very high, there is chance that there are infections that can only be treated by certain antibiotics. This actually means that your immune system is unable to fight a certain infection. Waiting further may also mean that the fever rises to alarming extents.

Fever in Children

High fever is especially dangerous when it comes to children. Since the children will now be able to point at other symptoms as a human being would, any sort of fever should be addressed by visiting a doctor. The fever does not even have to be high for you to take your child to the doctor.

Fever that is above 38.3C in a child should be taken to the doctor. You may lose your child if you wait longer or if you try to go for the home remedies. Sometimes, this fever could be caused by meningitis or another serious condition. However, first aid can be offered to the child before seeing the doctor. There are some over the counter medication that could be of help in this regard.

Can You Use Accumulated Sick Time As Extra Vacation?

Accumulated sick time is offered to you if you have an injury that is prolonged. It is offered to you because of your inability to perform certain duties even after sick time. The injury or ailment must have been so serious that you are given a prolonged time. The time offered to you will actually depend on your employer’s policy and the seriousness of the issue at hand. It could a few weeks and sometimes months.

The question that many people ask is whether they could use their accumulated sick leave as their extra vacation. The answer to this question is not straightforward. It actually depends on the organization’s policy. Take for example a pregnancy letter from a doctor. This letter proves that a certain female worker will not be able to work for a long time. This is too risky for an employer’s viewpoint, especially when the individual is not an asset of the company. They will surely investigate this matter and o whatever they could to limit the benefit they will give to her.

If your organization can offer you such privileges, then you can change your accumulated sick time as a vacation time. Some organizations will actually count it as a vacation time when you have prolonged sick times and you will be paid accordingly. Therefore, as you care for the loved one or get medical attention, the organization will offer you a note indicating that they are considering your time off as a vacation. This only means that you cannot request for the vacation once you return back to the organization.

The Advantages


Turning the accumulated sick time as a vacation means that you could even take longer on your vacation; depending on the time offered to you as vacation time by the company. This could be done through a formal request to the concerned departments. You can use this time to heal and at the same time rejuvenate. Chance is, you will return back to work a better employee and will be able more productive that you have been in the past time.

You are only supposed to accumulate the sick days during working periods. This means that you must not count holidays and your off days. The only problem comes when your employer fails to pay for the accumulated days. This means that every time you have spent on outside the company will be counted as a loss to you, and you will be better off at work than on the vacation. Note that many organizations would only do such if the contribution of an employee in an organization is not as important as it is the case for other people.


You must not use the accumulated sick time as vacation time if the organization will still set aside time for your vacation. You can use the accumulated time to relax and rejuvenate and still go for a vacation at a different time of the year. Some employers are lenient enough to consider some of these things and would want their employees to take as much rest as possible. You can check out how the notes from can help you maximize a vacation leave.

Do Your Homework Well

It is important to understand the company’s policy on accumulated sick time and vacations before making any decision. Find out the expectations of your employers and request for some of these things even before you make any decision. At the end of the day, you still need your job and you should be able to abide by the rules of an organization. After counting the measures, you can then plan for your vacation. To do this successfully, get a printable doctor’s note and use it as your ticket of getting paid sick leaves. Try going to for more informations about making fake notes.